St. Joshep Convent High School,Mosaboni.

St. Joseph’s Convent High School has stood with a smile a forty one year of tenure and every principal……. Every staff member …… and every student has contributed to its struggle to the top.  Actually speaking there is no top, no pinnacle, no zenith since school life throws up new challenges everyday. We have new hurdles to cross, new bridges to build, new goals to achieve, new dreams to turn into realities.
Knowledge is like a  garden, if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. Zeal without knowledge is like fire without light. Keeping up the motto of our school “Onward with Honour” our main aim is not only to impart knowledge and achieve academic excellence but also we aim at offering students a well rounded formation for life as truly integrated personalities making them capable of shouldering responsibilities and to enhance their awareness and inculcate high moral values mingled with a sense of commitment towards the community of humankind. We sent them out to the world as full pledged  grain of wheat with refined taste of character. Hence we render an ample opportunity to each student to climb the ladder of success. Through various activities, seminars and workshops we try to materialize these values and goals. “St. Joseph” gives that opportunity to each child to express oneself freely outside the confines of the syllabus. We have been extremely busy in the past year with Inter House Competitions, literary Competitions, Art & Craft, music, general knowledge contests, extra curricular activities, excursions and various educational outings. Children are also encouraged to read books & update their knowledge. Thus every year we arrange a book fair and periodically children take part in the book club conducted by Scholastic India Ltd. Students are the driving force for the progress of our society and our country. They are motivated to compete in various National Competitions, like National Talent Search examination conducted by NCERT, Academic & Aptitude tests by ICSE& ISC Council, scholarship examinations, School India Essay and creative writing competitions,  and various contests relating to the Environmental Education. Sports & Physical education forms a vital part of the school curriculum, for, it fosters the spirit of Sportsmanship and builds the quality of courage, endurance and discipline.

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